Our Mission

TITAN is an interdisciplinary research institute that engages scholars, scientists, professionals, and students. We are a center for foundational knowledge about trauma and adversity that is informed by diverse perspectives. We conduct and support scholarship and research, and we facilitate innovative exchanges across disciplines. We disseminate knowledge through publication, education, and consultation. We impact students, scholars, law and policy makers, and practitioners.


Who We Are

We are a transdisciplinary group of scholars committed to advancing knowledge about traumatic stress studies, (e.g., disaster, violence against women, child abuse, crime victimization, mass violence) in partnership with the Tulsa community. Our goal is to use multiple lenses and expertise to address problems related to violence and human cruelty.



TITAN is an interdisciplinary institute committed to ethical evidence-based education, scholarship, research, and service that promotes social justice and reduces the incidence and impact of trauma and adversity.


Our Values
  • High quality meaningful work
  • Flexible approach to problem solving
  • Scholarly based innovation
  • Compassion and dignity
  • Community and civic engagement
  • Empowerment
  • Collaboration