Jim Scholl receives prestigious Schweitzer Fellowship!

The U.S. Schweitzer Fellows Program immerses students in an experiential learning process designed to develop and sharpen the skills and abilities necessary to become lifelong Leaders in Service: individuals who are dedicated to and skilled in meeting the health needs of underserved populations, and whose example influences and inspires others.

James Scholl is addressing the lack of integrated care for the medical and behavioral health concerns of underserved patients with complex biopsychosocial needs residing in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood and surrounding areas.  James is facilitating the integration of services and communication between Community Health Connection and the University of Tulsa True Blue Neighbors Behavioral Health Clinic. An integrated system of care would allow for increased health outcomes for at risk populations. He is attempting to create a model of holistic care, while providing a key educational component for trainees from a variety of clinical backgrounds.

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