Ashley Clausen Accepts Postdoc at Duke University!

Ashley Clausen (currently on internship at the Durham VAMC) recently accepted a wonderful postdoctoral fellowship at Brain Imaging Analysis Center at Duke University Medical Center.

When asked about the fellowship, Ashley wrote: “I will be completing this fellowship in order to specialize in neuroimaging techniques to assess relationships between PTSD and neurological health, including traumatic brain injury, in veteran populations. I will also be examining the impact of PTSD on physical health including biomarkers of subclinical disease. Understanding how PTSD may relate to biomarkers such as inflammation will help optimize PTSD treatment to reduce the impact of PTSD on physical health. My primary role as a fellow will be research dissemination, grant writing, as well as developing my own line of research and establish a career as an independent clinical scientist in the fields of neuroscience, trauma and health psychology.”

Congratulations on this amazing fellowship, Ashley! All of us here at TRAPT are so proud of you!

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