TRAPT Undergrads Off to Pursue Post-Undergraduate Work!

TRAPT is so proud to announce that our graduating seniors are off to pursue post-undergraduate work at various locations throughout (and out of) the country! Way to go, ladies!

Patrizia Perazzo Marino

Patrizia has accepted a position to pursue her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Boston College.

Gabriella Pierce

Gabby will be attending medical school. Soon, we will be calling her Dr. Pierce!!

Sonja Worthy

Sonja will be pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Elisabeth Akeman

Elisabeth has been afforded the incredible opportunity to spend the summer in Italy, where she will work for a family to help teach their children English!

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Read about Dr. Davis’ Psychology of Trauma Course!

Check out this fantastic article that describes Dr. Davis’ Psychology of Trauma course, and discusses the incredible impact that this course has on both the TU students who take it, and the community members who benefit from the students’ hard work.

To read more about the community service action projects of previous Psychology of Trauma students, click here.

We are both proud and honored to know such an incredible and inspiring teacher in Dr. Davis! 

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Congratulations class of 2015!

TRAPT sends a huge congratulations to all of those who graduated today!  :lol:

We are especially proud of our UG seniors – Elisabeth Akeman, Gabriella Pierce, Sonja Worthy and Patrizia Perazzo Marino!

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TRAPT Goes to Kansas for SWPA 2015!

Grads Jennifer Steward, Rachel Micol, Jim Scholl and Kelsey Hancock, and undergrad Westley Youngren traveled to Wichita, KS in mid-April for the 2015 Southwestern Psychological Association’s annual conference.

Westley Youngren presented a poster, also authored by lab members Katherine Miller and Jim Scholl, titled Are Sleep Quality and Nightmares related to Difficulties with Emotion Regulation? Wes had some great conversations with individuals at the conference about the importance of sleep. Go, Wes!

West_SWPA 2015

Westley presenting his poster at the annual Southwestern Psychological Association.

Rachel Micol presented a poster, second authored by lab member Katherine Miller, titled Exploring the Impact of the Time to Report on Sexual Violence Victimization. Several individuals stopped by the poster and expressed interest in this very important topic!

Rach_SWPA 2015

Rachel presents at the annual SWPA meeting.

Jennifer Steward, Kelsey Hancock, Jim Scholl, and Rachel Micol presented a symposium titled, Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Strategies to Reduce Sexual Violence on Campus. The symposium addressed important topics including: definitions, prevalence, causes and consequences of sexual violence on campuses; the role of legislation in response to sexual violence; prevalence of intimate partner violence in specialized student groups; and best practices in sexual assault prevention.

Rachel, Jennifer, Kelsey, and Jim after their symposium at SWPA.

Rachel, Jennifer, Kelsey, and Jim after their symposium at SWPA.

Awesome job representing TRAPT lab, everyone! :)

To read the White House Task For Report on Campus Sexual Assault Programming, visit: and

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TRAPT sure is getting lucky this year! We are delighted to announce that our very own Ashley Stillman has accepted her offer to continue on to her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology here at the University of Tulsa.

Ashley with her dog, Skitch.

Ashley Stillman with her dog, Skitch.

Ashley joined TRAPT in Fall 2014 as a transfer student from the University of Kansas. She is queen of time management, as she splits her time between TRAPT and the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR). Even with the high demand over the past year, Ashley has flourished, and TRAPT is beyond proud of what she has accomplished. Beyond her productivity, but she has found a home in our TRAPT hearts, and we are SO thrilled that she has chosen to continue her journey with us.

When asked why she chose to stay with TRAPT and TU, Ashley wrote, “I am very excited to have the opportunity to finish my doctoral training at the University of Tulsa! I am confident that the co-mentorship of Dr. Joanne Davis and Dr. Robin Aupperle (Laureate Institute for Brain Research) will foster an unparalleled training experience in trauma and neuroimaging blending my interdisciplinary interests in neuroscience, post traumatic stress disorder and physical health. I am absolutely stoked to join a team of incredibly motivated and supportive graduate students in the TRAPT lab!”

 XOXO! Looking forward to incredible times ahead!

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Welcome to TRAPT, Chelsea!

TRAPT is SO EXCITED to announce that we will welcome Chelsea Cogan to the lab as a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student beginning Fall 2015.

Chelsea Cogan with her OFFICIAL University of Tulsa acceptance letter!

Chelsea Cogan with her OFFICIAL University of Tulsa acceptance letter!

Chelsea currently works at the National Center for PTSD in the Women’s Health Sciences Division and the Behavioral Sciences Division, both of which are housed in the Boston VA. Here, she works on the Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) Implementation Program which helps trains clinicians in VAs around the country in CPT and she also works on a large scale (17 site, 900 participant) head to head comparison of Prolonged Exposure (PE) and CPT. Chelsea also organizes the National PTSD Awareness Day for the VA Boston Healthcare System (PHEW, she is a busy gal!).  As if she does not already do enough fantastic work, she is also the student rep for the ISTSS Planning Committee with Dr. Davis.

When asked why she chose TU and the TRAPT lab, Chelsea wrote, “There are so many things that made the program and the TRAPT lab stand head and shoulders above any other program I visited, but I’d have to say that the research being done within the TRAPT lab was extremely exciting to me. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the RCT on CPT and ERRT. I also really enjoyed the company of everyone I met within the lab and could really see myself thriving with such supportive labmates. Additionally, no other mentor I met was as warm and personable as Dr. Davis, I knew she’d be the perfect mentor for what I was looking for out of my graduate school experience.”

Chelsea, we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you while you were here interviewing, and were are beyond excited for you to join us for more great times, as well as to share in all that you are sure to accomplish! :)

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TRAPT UG Receives Distinguished SLEEP FOR SCIENCE Apprenticeship!

Wes_AwardTRAPT’s very own UG Westley Youngren (is there anything he cannot do?!) was accepted to the Sleep For Science  Apprenticeship program at the E.P. Bradley Hospital in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown Medical School in Rhode Island! Sleep for Science is a an esteemed sleep research lab that focuses on the examination of sleep patterns, circadian rhythms, and related processes in adolescents and young adults. Visit their website:

During the summer, the program brings adolescent participants into the lab for thorough examination of sleep and circadian rhythm control mechanisms, including how these processes relate to food intake. As an apprentice, Wes will travel to Brown for several months this summer to work on this project conducting data collection (such as polysomnographic [PSG] recording), data reduction and data entry.  For more information about this INCREDIBLE apprenticeship, and to read about what Wes will do this summer, visit

We are so very proud of you, Wes! We cannot wait to hear all about your experience, and all that you are sure to learn. Go, Wes, Go!

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Three TRAPT members star in VAGINA MONOLOGUES!

TRAPT is very proud of lab members Kelsey Hancock, Sonja Worthy and Destinee Yandell for their INCREDIBLE, awe-inspiring performances at the Vagina Monologues that took place at TU on Friday, February 27. TRAPT would also like to commend Abby Meadors and Hayley Higgs, students in Dr. Davis’ Psychology of Trauma course, for pulling the performance together in just a few short weeks! It was amazing!

“The Vagina Monologues” is a series of monologues based on Eve Ensler’s interviews with women from around the world on relationships, sex, violence against women and the perception of vaginas ( V-Day is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to putting an end to violence against women and girls around the world. This year, 90 percent of the proceeds from the TU Vagina Monologues tickets benefited DVIS/Call Rape ( – a local non-profit agency dedicated to providing comprehensive services to those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault.

TRAPT could not be prouder of these ladies for helping to raise awareness for such an important cause! You all are truly super stars

Destinee performs, 'My Short Skirt,' at the TU production of the Vagina Monologues. Our favorite line, "My short skirt is NOT ABOUT YOU!"

Destinee performs, ‘My Short Skirt,’ at the TU production of the Vagina Monologues. Our favorite line, “My short skirt is NOT ABOUT YOU!”

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TRAPT member receives post-doctoral fellowship!

P3-1We have yet MORE exciting news to share! Our very own Christopher Cranston received a post-doctoral fellowship, and will complete his neuropsychology residency at none other than the prestigious John’s Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, MD. TRAPT is so proud of all of Chris’s incredible accomplishments, and wish him luck as he embarks on this exciting new journey! You never cease to amaze us, Chris!

Johns Hopkins

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Congrats to two fabulous lab members on their clinical internships!

TRAPT is proud to share that two of its members, Katherine Miller and Katherine Cunningham, successfully matched for their clinical internships! Clinical internships are a program requirement for clinical psychology doctoral students to receive their Ph.D. While on internship, doctoral students receive high-quality training in clinical practice and specialties. (For more information: So, while the lab is sad that this means the two ladies will be leaving Tulsa come summertime – we are also very happy for the opportunities that are sure to lie ahead for these two wonderful people!

K-Miller PhotoKatherine Miller will be returning to her home in Minnesota and completing her internship at the Minneapolis VA.




kccKatherine Cunningham will be traveling back to the East Coast to complete her internship at the Baltimore VA.




TRAPT Lab Grads & Dr. Davis celebrating Katherine and Katherine on MATCH DAY! :)

TRAPT Lab Grads & Dr. Davis celebrating Katherine and Katherine at McNellie’s on MATCH DAY! :)

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