Lab Members

Current Graduate Students

Trapt Website - JimJim Scholl, M.A., Clinical Doctoral Student (2013-Present).
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Research Interests: Sequelae of trauma and infectious disease in minority populations; the relationship between culture and cognitive and emotional responses to trauma.


Chelsea Cogan, Clinical Doctoral Student (2015-Present).
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Research Interests: The dissemination and implementation of evidence based psychotherapies for PTSD and ways in which they can be modified to better treat residual symptoms following treatment. Additionally, examining how technology can aide in the dissemination and implementation of EBPs for PTSD.

jennyJenny Lee, Clinical Doctoral Student (2016-Present).
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Research Interests: Examining resiliency and recovery processes for individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder. Her goal is to work with trauma-exposed individuals and study the factors that influence symptom trajectories. She is also interested in studying treatment efficacy and outcomes for individuals impacted by trauma.

Tim McDermott, Clinical Doctoral Student (2017-Present).
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Research Interests: Improving treatment outcomes for individuals with PTSD by integrating findings from neuroimaging. Using neuroimaging to predict which
individuals will best respond to what type of treatment and to predict long-term treatment outcomes.


Current Undergraduate Student Members

Jessica LaPlant, Junior

Shianne Andrew, Junior

Cassandra Meador, Junior

Emma Lucas, Senior

Maddie Rowan, Senior

For undergraduates who are interested in joining our lab, please complete this application and submit to the lab manager, Chelsea Cogan, for consideration.