Efficacy of ERRT with Veterans

Nightmares and sleep disturbances are common complaints among military Veterans (Plumb & Zelman,
2009) and may be difficult to eradicate (Forbes, Phelps, & McHugh, 2001). A treatment protocol
(Exposure, Relaxation, and Rescription Therapy [ERRT]) targeting nightmares and sleep disturbances,
which has been used effectively in civilian populations, was adapted for the military (ERRT-M). A pilot
study evaluated the efficacy of ERRT-M in improving sleep quality and quantity and reducing night-
mares, symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, and depression in a trauma-exposed, Veteran sample
(N 19). At 1 week after treatment, analyses revealed improvements in nightmare frequency and
severity, depression, sleep quality, and insomnia severity. Treatment gains were maintained at a 2-month
follow-up. Fifty percent of the sample was considered treatment responders (i.e., no nightmares in the
previous week). Results of this pilot study suggest that directly targeting sleep and nightmares is
successful in alleviating sleep disturbances and related psychopathology in some Veterans.
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