The purpose of the TU Parent & Family Association (TUPFA) is to unite parents and family members who hold the common bond of caring for their son or daughter who is attending The University of Tulsa. It also serves as a vehicle for parents and family members to support students through volunteering and offering financial support. There are several important reasons to participate in the Parent and Family Association. They include:

  • Staying involved with your student
  • Learning more about the institution
  • Affecting change related to issues that may arise, and
  • Supporting worthy programs for students

Please Join Us in Strengthening our Support for Students

You are automatically a member of the TU Parent and Family Association. However, we do want to get the names and contact information for those of you who might be willing to help with program activities. This might include serving as a sounding board for ideas, committee membership, serving as an area contact for other parents, or as an emergency contact if we have student groups traveling or meeting in your area.

There are many ways you might be involved on a one time or longer basis depending on your time and interest.

The TU Parent and Family Association is a self-sustaining group; therefore, donations received from parents and family members facilitate the operations of the organization.

Donations received will be used to support services such as scholarships, equipment, supporting programs, and parent activities. Information concerning the use of these funds is available through the Parent and Family Association coordinator, Steve Denton.

Your interest in assisting with the Parent and Family Association and/or making a donation for support may be indicated by completing the Invitation to Participate Form.