Activating a Student Account

There have been a lot of questions about setting up a student’s account to be able to use email and other online services, so here is a quick guide to help with the setup.

Note: Your student MUST know his or her student ID number in order to set up his or her student account online, this is found on some of the correspondence received from the university.

The technology portion of the TU webpage can be found at:

First, to make sure the account is activated, have your student click on “Account Activation for Admitted Student“. Put in the student ID number and student’s last name, this will activate the account.

After the account is activated, go back to and then click on “Find My Username“. Put in the student ID number and student’s last name, this will give you your student’s campus username (in the format of three letters and three numbers), plus the student’s TU email address (generally in form). You can then click the link to “Reset your password…” and it will send your student a link to either the email address or cell phone number on file. It is important to note that there is no default password associated with student accounts, so you must go through the password reset step to set up the password the first time.

Once your student has reset the password and knows his or her campus username, he or she can go to to sign into his or her TU email for the first time. That same username and password will be used for all online services through TU.

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Parking On Campus

Many of us have experienced the frustration of receiving a parking ticket on the TU campus, here is a little information to make your parking experience better.

For Visitors

If you are a visitor to campus, don’t fret, there is a place on the parking ticket to mark “Guest” or “Visitor”. It is very important to check that box and drop the ticket in the mail or turn it in to Campus Security because they write down your car tag and too many unresolved tickets could end up with a towed vehicle at your expense! To learn more about the university’s definition of a visitor, click here.

There are some lots on campus that are designated for visitors, including the Allen Chapman Activity Center (ACAC) lot, Westby Hall lot (directly behind the Admission building), and the Legal Clinic lot. For a complete map of parking lots on campus, take a look at this Parking Map.

For Students

Parking permits are required for both resident and non-resident students. Permits may be purchased online through Parking and Card Services’ website, or in person at the Parking and Card Services office (Located in Fisher Hall, #43, 45 and 15 on the Campus Map).

Permits for the new academic year usually go on sale at the end of July/beginning of August for students. Have your student check the Parking and Card Services website to find out when he or she is eligible to register.

Parking permits are lot-specific, so there is a lot of competition to get a permit in the lot closest to the dorm or apartment complex in which your student lives. As soon as your student is eligible to register for a parking permit, encourage him or her to do so. The Parking Map can help your student determine the best lot for which to register.

Parking Tickets

Unfortunately, for many students, parking tickets happen—and usually at the most inopportune times!

There are many reasons that someone may receive a parking ticket, such as:

  • Improper Display of Authorized Permit (For cars, the permit should be in the inside, lower portion of the passenger-side front windshield; For motorcycles, scooters or mopeds, the right-hand, upper arm of the cycle’s right-front fork.)
  • Invalid Permits (parking in the wrong lot or putting a valid permit on a vehicle that is not registered for that permit)

If your student does receive a parking ticket, there is the ability to appeal. The appeal procedures can be found on the Regulations and Fines portion of the Parking and Card Services website. If you or your student would like to pay the parking ticket online, go to the Business Office Payments website, fill out the required information and make sure to apply the money to “Student Account/Tuition”—this is tricky because there is an option for “ID/Parking” DO NOT select that option.

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