TU Bricks

A few years ago, the TU Annual Fund started offering personalized bricks for a $100 donation.

Graduating from college is such a special time for everyone involved—from students and their family members, to teachers past and present. This program is a wonderful way to make that day a part of TU forever.

Bricks are engraved and laid in the Bayless Plaza, plus a photo of your brick is sent to you. Since the order is on a rolling basis, the bricks are laid in batches, so the brick you order now will not be at Bayless for graduation.

The most interesting part of this program is that it is open to TU alumni and friends as well, so you can honor a loved one or a student’s favorite professor as well!

As a TU alumna myself, it was such an honor for my parents to purchase a brick for me to celebrate my undergraduate graduation. Now, as a TU graduate student, I get to talk by Bayless Plaza and find my name among many of my classmates and am reminded of the wonderful years I have had at TU and that I am part of this university’s legacy long after graduation.

Please consider purchasing a brick in honor your student or loved one, it is such a special gift.

TU Brick Program