Weather Procedures

Tornadoes / Severe Storms

Oklahoma is a beautiful state, but unfortunately we are also home to a fair share of tornados. It is important to be prepared in case one of these storms heads towards Tulsa. When these storms come a tornado siren usually precedes them. To hear what the siren sounds like, go outside any Wednesday at noon, that is when they are tested. You can also hear the sirens at many of the Golden Hurricane football games.

Watches vs. Warnings

So you’re watching TV and county names start scrolling across the bottom of the screen and are labeled
watch or warning, and you are wondering just what this means. First it is important to know we are located in Tulsa County. It’s highlighted in red on the map located on this page. It is important to know the difference between a watch and a warning so you know whether or not to take cover.

Tornado Watch

This means there is a chance of tornado forming

Tornado Warning

This means a tornado has been seen or detected by radar.

Safety Procedures

If a tornado warning is issued, it is important for you to move from your room to a place of greater safety, away from the top floors of the halls and apartments and away from windows or glass. Most injuries and deaths from tornadoes are due to flying debris. Generally, interior hallways, bathrooms, and basements are best. Take a blanket to shield yourself from potential flying or falling debris, and remain calm until staff gives the “all clear”. Those wishing to risk their lives by viewing the tornado are asked to leave University property.

If A Tornado Siren Sounds

  • Remain calm
  • You MUST proceed to the designated Tornado Safety Area in your
  • building
  • Remain in shelter until University staff has given the “ALL CLEAR” signal. Housing staff members will let you know when it is safe to leave the shelter
  • Do not go outside

Storm Shelters

Fisher South, 7th Street House, 5th Place House, LaFortune House, & Sorority Row residents are to evacuate to the ground floor hallway with room doors closed.

Fisher West Suites, John Mabee Hall, & Lottie Jane Mabee Hall residents evacuate to the basement area.

Apartment residents are to evacuate to any Residence Hall (in the designated area), the Reynolds Center,
Keplinger Hall, or Collins Fitness Center (during normal operating hours)

Adapted from The 2012-2013 Guide to Campus Living