Dr. Miriam Belmaker's Lab 

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             Both zooarchaeological and paleontological methods can be utilized in reconstructing ancient environments 
             through space and time. Currently, we are building a large comparative collection to assist in research. This
             includes a comparative collection of modern species, fossil casts as well as a virtual collection based on 3D
            images of famous fossils. 

       We are always looking for students, graduate and undergraduate, to join our team!

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Summer 2014

Excavations are being conducted in Armenia and Isreal. If you need to contact Dr. Belmaker please email and allow extra time for a response.


All ongoing projects both within and outside of the lab are highlighted on this site. Check them out to see if one sounds right for you! We are always accepting applications for volunteers in the lab and  students for field schools.


If you are an undergraduate student, with an interest in anthropology, The Undergradute Research Challenge (TURC), is a great way to gain experience conducting your own research and developing your specific interests in the field.