Welcome to our Lab

Dr. Miriam Belmaker founded TU's Zooarchaeology and Paleoecology lab in 2012 to facilitate analysis of faunal remains from archaeological excavations. The lab is located in room 109, Harwell Hall.

We have three main research foci in our lab: faunal analysis, microwear and ecomorphology. We participate in extensive field work in the Near East and the Caucasus. See our research page for more information.

Currently, we are building a large comparative collection to assist in research. This collection includes modern species, fossils and a collection based on fossil casts. Both zooarchaeological and paleontological methods can be utilized in reconstructing ancient environments through space and time. Research in the lab includes  processing Old World and New World collections that come from multiple excavations in the United States, South Africa and Southwest Asia.

We are always looking for students, graduate and undergraduate, to join our team!