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Miriam Belmaker, PhD 
Collection Curator and lab director
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences
Harwell Hall room 105

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Miriam Belmaker is assistant Professor at The University of Tulsa. She is curator of zooarchaeology and paleoanthropology –  human osteology collections and heads a resaerch group on surface metrology and tribology. 


Nerkin Naver, Armenia

She earned a BA in prehistoric archaeology and ecology from Haifa University, Israel and an MSc and PhD in Evolution and Ecology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.





Peshcka, Armenia

Belmaker has done archaeological fieldwork at Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic sites in Israel , Jordan and Armenia . Her professional interests include human evolution, paleoecology, climate and human interactions,  zooarchaeology of vertebrates and taphonomy.