Climate change during the Holocene

ashley bethsaida 2015

Ashley Brown at Bethsaida 2015 © Hanan Shafir

There has been a question as to the paleoecological reconstruction in the Southern Levant during the Bronze Age throughout the Byzantine Period. We have been studying the the environmental changes using micromammal as a proxy.


Sieving at Bethsaida. © Hanan Shafir

For this project we have been studying:

Tel es-Safi in collaboration with Haskel Greenfield, University of Manitoba.

Huqoq in collaboration with Jodi Magness, UNC Chapel Hill.

Bethsaida in collaboration with Rami Arav, University of Nebraska, Omaha. The University of Tulsa is a member of the Bethsaida Archaeology consortium.



Brown, A.B., and Belmaker, M., (2015). Evidence for climate change during the 3rd-5th century CE: The micromammal evidence from Tel Huqoq, Israel. Paper submitted to the 80th Annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. San Francisco, CA.

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