Zooarch Belmaker 200

Our taxonomic collection

Zooarchaeological Collection
Faunal collections are studied to identify relationships between humans and animals. The relationships are studied to identify ecological unknowns about prehistoric populations. Topics researched include diet, behavior and technology through food procurement and processing techniques, also, what role the environment plays in these interactions.

There are five collections in our zooarchaeological collection:

  1. Taxonomic collection:  This collection includes specimens diagnostic to species and is organized by taxonomy.
  2. Teaching Collection: This collection is organized by body element (as opposed to taxon is the taxonomic collection) and allows for comparison of body elements across taxa.
  3. Taphonomic Collection: This collection includes specimens with distinct taphonomic modifications (cutmarks, gnawmarks, weathering)
  4. Micromammal taphonomy and Pellet Collection:
    This collection includes pellets from around the US and around the world and served to study comparative micromammal taphonomy
  5. Paleontological Casts: This collection includes cast of Plio-Pleistocene specimens from the near east.

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