Field work


Dr. Belmaker at the excavations of Nerkin Naver, Armenia

Our lab has several collaborative field projects in the Near East and the Caucasus. Our main project is the site of ‘Ubeidiya, Israel, which dates to 1.6-1.2 mya.In Armenia, members of the lab have been involved in several excavations: We are currently excavating the Lower to Middle Paleolithic site of Gorhayk. Over the past several years we have excavated in the Middle-Upper Paleolithic site of Peshcka. We are also involved in excavations of the Bronze Age site of Nerkin Nevar where we continue to collaborate on the faunal analysis.

The University of Tulsa is also a member of a consortium of Bethsaida together with the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Bethsaida dates from the Iron Age to the Late Mammluk period and was an important site both in the old and new testament.

Students are always welcome to join the field projects. Please contact Dr. Belmaker to discuss possibilities for field excavation during the coming summer session. Students that participate in field schools are eligible to recieve TU credit through course 4113/7013.

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