Facilities in other labs

There are several labs in the department of Anthropology which work together with out lab:

  1. paleolab casts

    Hominid cast collection

    Paleoanthropology and Human Osteology Laboratory:  This lab hosts a museum quality hominin cast collection, a  disarticulated human
    skeletal collection and a non-human primate skeletal collection. The lab is fully equipped for comparative analysis and as a fully functioning classroom.



05-26-15 anthropology labs-125

Heather McGuire operating the S Neox Sensofar profiler

2. Surface Metrology and Tribology Lab:  This lab includes a state-of-the-art Sensofar 3D non-contact optical 3D profiler, a S-Neox, which includes a high resolution CCD sensor of up to 1360×1024 pixels in combination with high resolution displays of 2560×1440. In addition, the lab includes a NextEngine 3D laser scanner with a 0.005-inch accuracy, and a high resolution 2D scanner flatbed Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner with a resolution of 4800 dpi (Epson Dual Lens System). There is also a workstation that includes Toothfrax and Sfrax software from Surfract (Surface Metrology and Fractal Analysis), which allows for analysis of the data in Scale Sensitive Fractal Analysis (SSFA).

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