Outreach and the community

In January 2015, we had sixth graders visit from Riverfield Country Day School. These students were able to gain hands on bioanthropological experience using our skeletal collection. These students attended a lecture on forensic identification given by Dr. Belmaker. Afterwards, the students took the data they gathered back to their own science classrooms to reconstruct what they learned in order to determine biographical information such as ethnicity and sex.

RFC 1                                           RFC2RFC3


We continued our community outreach by doing a presentation at San Miguel Middle School. Dr. Belmaker presented  an introduction to zooarchaeology. This was an interactive presentation that discussed the utility of zoological studies at archaeological sites. We set up a table that20151008_101903 displayed many types of skulls as well as bone tools. The students were able to hold the materials to get hands on experience to aid in their learning.

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