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Traverse by Louise Levergneux

The book Traverse by Louis Levergneux documents her seven-day journey across the country from South Jordan, Utah to Gatineau, Quebec, in East-Central Canada. She photographs whatever catches her eye, from the climate, the topography, to the state welcome signs through the … Continue reading

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Josephine Walker collection of J.M.W Turner line engravings

Line engraving is an art form that was very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, where you could find line engravings done for illustrations in books, magazines, and paintings. The technique for creating line engraving art starts by carving … Continue reading

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The White Alphabet

The White Alphabet is an artwork, typographical experiment and a feat of paper engineering. It’s an embossed book containing the letters A-P cut in a pop-up fashion on a continuous piece of paper. The author/artist Ron King came up with … Continue reading

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William Rider Canadian War Photographs

In World War I, there were significant battles that would change the course of the war. One of the most important was the battle of Vimy Ridge which was captured by Canadian armed forces in 1917. Vimy Ridge was essential … Continue reading

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Tulsa activist Barbara Santee has died

Barbara Santee, a Tulsa-born activist and graduate of The University of Tulsa, died aged 81 on November 7, 2018. She had worked in the TU Center for Health Policy Research, and was also an executive director for the Oklahoma state … Continue reading

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