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The garden: a meditation on man & nature

Maureen Cummins book The garden: a meditation on man & nature shows the story of man’s interaction with nature throughout history, with the use of woodblock prints and watercolor. The illustrations are simple and striking with the use of stark … Continue reading

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Motion Picture Archive

The very first motion pictures can be accredited to the Lumiere brothers, who would hold public screenings of short films in Paris around the year 1895. Film production companies were quickly appearing all over the world because of the way … Continue reading

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Cutaway by Sarah Bryant

Sarah Bryant creates her work under Big Jump Press, which she started in 2005 while she was an MFA student at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. She produces letterpress printed artist’s books, prints, broadsides, and hand-bound books. She incorporates … Continue reading

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J.A.C. Colston WWI diaries.

During World War I, the use of trenches was common for both sides of the fighting. The conditions in the trenches were poor, they were often dirty, wet and cold and the toilets commonly overflowed causing medical problems such as … Continue reading

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