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Love and War Part 2

Love and War introduced Lieutenant Edward Brown and his written courtship of Leila Claribel Owens. Part 1 let us peer into his mind as he poured out his love for Leila during his military service in Europe. For Part 2, we … Continue reading

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American Woods

This week we had some visitors in the Special Collections Department! On Wednesday, Dr. Levetin brought her Plant Anatomy class here to the Special Collections department to view “American Woods” by Romelyn Beck Hough. She’s been bringing this class to … Continue reading

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Love and War Part 1

I imagine that few people ever anticipate that their personal letters will eventually end up in a library or an archive for anyone to see. I have been processing the Edward L. Brown Archive, which consists primarily of letters between … Continue reading

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Magic and Mystical: the Occult materials in the Special Collections

Occult is a word with several meanings.  From the Latin Occultus, it refers to secret, hidden and concealed.  This is not inappropriate for most of the materials in Special Collections, as the vast majority of our materials have been hidden … Continue reading

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Sverre Braathen Circus Collection

The Special Collections Department houses a sizeable amount of circus related materials in several collections. Today, I’m going to focus on one small collection that once belonged to Sverre and Faye Braathen. Sverre Braathen was an attorney by trade, but … Continue reading

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