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Comic books in the collections

Most people, or at least the ones reading this blog, are aware that McFarlin’s Special Collections department houses more than 128,000 rare books and 3,500 linear feet of literary and historical manuscripts; some of those people may even be able to name a few of the collections and books.  However, how many of you know that we have a collection of Science Fiction and Comic Ephemera?

That’s right, Sci-fi and comics!  Don’t worry; all of this information is coming to you from a completely un-biased source, and the awesomeness of this collection will not be exaggerated due to the writer’s fondness for the material.

Currently the collection consists of 3 boxes worth of material; however, it was mentioned earlier by a reliable source that it may be growing soon *fingers crossed*.  The boxes contain a variety of items: comics, posters, newsletters, advertisements, promotional handouts, and much more.  This collection, not to mention the countless other materials that we have to offer, makes a trip over to the Special Collections department a worthwhile way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Feel free to stop by and Marvel (pun intended) at this collection.

Science fiction and comics ephemera

Comic books in the collectionsComic books in the collectionsComic books in the collectionsComic books in the collections

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