Birthday for November 10: Neil Gaiman

Happy Birthday Neil!

Happy Birthday Neil!

Today is the 55th birthday of English author Neil Gaiman, best known for the comic book series The Sandman, and for his books Coraline and American Gods.

Neil was born on November 10, 1960, and grew up in East Grinstead, West Sussex, England. An avid reader since the age of 4, he read every fantasy book he could find. He is a big supporter of using libraries and library resources.

Neil was in Tulsa in March 2015 for an event for the Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers at OSU-Tulsa and used this opportunity to visit McFarlin Library Special Collections to view some items from the R.A. Lafferty Papers, Collection 1979.002. While in his early 20s, Neil contacted R.A. Lafferty for advice on becoming an author. They became life-long friends and some of their correspondence can be found in the R.A. Lafferty collection.

Special Collections holds a few items written by Neil Gaiman that were also personal copies of R.A. Lafferty.


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