The Joyce of Cooking

Joyce of Cooking

Due to TU Special Collection’s vast amount of materials in the James Joyce collection, I find it only fitting that I introduce a cook book about James Joyce’s Dublin. The Joyce of Cooking written in 1986 by Alison Armstrong is an Irish Cookbook based on Joyce’s life and work related to a city he loved. Armstrong reviewed many of Joyce’s novels to create recipes based on the dishes described within his pages. She wrote this cookbook because of food’s strong connection to an individual’s life, especially in relation to memories. In the forward by Anthony Burgess, he states that “great writers love life, this being their subject-matter, and life is food as well as lust, hate and other innutritious things that come between meals.” Our department houses numerous cookbooks that are definitely worth a peek.

The Joyce of Cooking Table of Contents:

  1. For Starters
  2. Fat Soups
  3. Weggebobbles & Fruit: Vegetarian, Nutarian, Fruitarian Literary Aethereal Dishes
  4. Meats & Inners Organs of Beasts and Fowls
  5. Eggs & Fish
  6. Salads, Sauces & Relishes
  7. Sweets of Sin & Other Trifles
  8. Breads, Cakes & Good Pastry
  9. Off the Drink & On the Drink
  10. Lotions & Home Remedies
  11. For Breakfast, Dinner & Supper: Menus for Joycean Celebrations
  12. Epic Gastronomy

Pages 169 and 190 are pictured below:



This cookbook includes a brief excerpt of each recipe in Joyce’s novels, which shows Armstrong’s well-thought and unique spin to each dish.

I hope you enjoy!

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