The Spartan School of Aeronautics

In honor of their upcoming 92nd anniversary, today’s blog post is about the Spartan College of Aviation. We have a photo album from their early years containing photos of the pilots and planes that made up the program in the days of its inception.

A photograph of seven black and white photos glued to a piece of black construction paper. The photographs are of people and airplanes.

The first page of the photo album

The college was established to provide pilot and technicians for Spartan Aircraft Company, which was established the same year by William Skelly. Skelly was an oil man and entrepreneur in Tulsa who also established the Tulsa Municipal Airport, what is now the Tulsa International Airport. Unfortunately, the Spartan Aircraft Company was dissolved in 1961, but the school is still going strong.

The album consists of 31 black construction paper pages with over 150 black and white photographs glued to them. There is no cover or back page, making this more like a stack of papers with pictures on them than anything else. Some of the photographs are accompanied by silly captions while others detail the subjects of the pictures, but most of them have no captions at all. There is even a whole page dedicated to wrecked airplanes!

Photograph of a wrecked plane with a caption that reads "Airworthy?" Black and white photograph of a wrecked airplane with a caption that reads "Was it?"

Among the noteworthy people who attended the college was Mary Riddle, the second Native American woman in the United States to earn a pilot’s license. She received her pilot’s license in Portland and attended the Spartan School to learn parachute jumping. She was the first woman to attend school there and graduated with honors.

Black and white photograph of a woman in pilot gear leaning on an airplane

Mary Riddle leaning on an airplane

Black and white photograph of a man and women arm in arm with a caption that reads "Mary Riddle Seattle"










Also pictured in the photo album is Roy Hunt, a famous stunt pilot who organized the Oklahoma Air Patrol and is credited as one of Oklahoma’s commercial aviation pioneers. He was born and raised in Oklahoma and known for competing and winning in air shows across the nation.

Black and white photograph of a man leaning on an airplane

One of my favorite things that I notice as I flip through the album are the advertisements on the sides of the planes and, of course, the Enna Jettick Shoes Blimp. The blimp was one of the first privately owned airships in the country and was used to advertise for the shoe company.

Six black and white photographs of planes with advertisements printed on the sides A black and white photograph of a blimp with "Emma Jettick Shoes" printed on the side

These pictures are reminders of a time gone by. I really enjoyed looking through the photo album and seeing the different styles of planes and the people who flew them. While the Spartan School is still going strong, aviation has changed quite a bit in the last 92 years. These photos are lovely reminders of how far we have come.

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