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From McFarlin Tower is the name that was selected to describe the Blog for The Department of Special Collections and University Archives, McFarlin Library, The University of Tulsa. McFarlin Tower is the most notable feature on campus, long having served as the center of campus, sitting at the head of “The U”. It has also been a closed stacks storage area since its construction in 1929-30, and has at many times, including the present, served as a Special Collections area. Therefore, it was felt that the most notable feature on campus was entirely appropriate to describe the most notable collections area on campus.

The major intent for this blog is to give a place for announcements and news about the department, and things that are happening in the department.  Highlighting this are entries about recent acquisitions, alongside entries about older collections, and historical tidbits relating to The University of Tulsa, Henry Kendall College, McFarlin Library and so on.

This is not intended as a place for discussions of politics, religion, personal relationships, and other controversial things, except as they relate to the history of the institution.  Postings and comments that do not match this intention will be deleted.

Readers may notice that they have to register in order to comment.  Please do so, we want your comments and feedback.

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