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J.A.C. Colston WWI diaries.

During World War I, the use of trenches was common for both sides of the fighting. The conditions in the trenches were poor, they were often dirty, wet and cold and the toilets commonly overflowed causing medical problems such as … Continue reading

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‘F.R. first gift of ephemera.’

There is a particular fascination from modern day society with both World War I and World War II. Whether it is the old photographs, the soldier’s outfits or the patriotic propaganda posters, there is almost always something that can pique … Continue reading

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New Acquisitions

As we are nearing the end of the year, we just received a few new items. First is a collection of 250+ photos taken in 1944-1946, in what appears to the be the Battle of Leyte and the occupation of … Continue reading

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