U.S. EPA Tools for Schools

In cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, The University of Tulsa Indoor Air Program assists school districts across the United States in improving the quality of the indoor air environment.  Dr. Shaughnessy served as an integral member of the initial team of IAQ experts who investigated indoor air problems specific to schools in the late 1980’s.  Much of the U.S. EPA’s Tools for Schools program was based on the results and findings reported by this EPA School’s Team.  The IAP continues extensive research on the nature of school environments and realistic solutions to improve their indoor air quality. Many of these studies have been published both nationally and internationally.

Utilizing the U. S. EPA’s Tools for Schools  kit, the Indoor Air Program has assisted over 33 schools districts, impacting 1.3 million students and staff with low cost and no cost solutions to reduce indoor air issues, all at no cost to the districts.