Advanced Topics in Bioaerosols and Building Science

01. Introduction
02. Aino: Microbial Growth
03. Harriet: Toxin Production
04. Phil: Bioaerosols
05. Terry: Climate Considerations
06. Aino & Phil: Bioaerosol History
07. Harriet & Phil: Indoor_Fungi
08. Aino: Microbial Sources
09. Aino: Exposure to Microbes
10. Terry & Richard: Physical Environment
11. Phil: Preliminary Assessment
12. Phil: Sampling Considerations
13. Richard: Surface Dust
14. Panel: Biological Indices
15. Phil: Stupid Interpretations
16. Richard: Remediation Overview
17. Phil: Remediation Caveats
18. Richard: What is Clean
19. Panel: Emerging Issues
20. Phil & Aino: Overall Remarks


Disclaimer: The Advanced Topics in Bioaerosols and Building Science course was developed with funding support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Indoor Environments Division. Conclusions and perspectives in this web site are those of the authors/instructors and not necessarily those of the U.S. EPA or The University of Tulsa.

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