Updated Digital Collections: Fall 2017

The University of Tulsa Department of Special Collections and University Archives is well known for our effort to make collections easily accessible to the public.

We are currently in the process of adding the Charles Alfred Bredin Collection (2001.020) to our ever-growing digital WWI collection. This collection includes WWI-era papers, letters and ephemera including a diary. Bredin’s primary correspondent was his fiancée, Grace Manning, later called Olivia Lee Bredin. He served with the 15th Infantry Regt in China. Bredin, originally from New York, moved to Tulsa during the 1930s.

If interested in additional WWI collections, you can choose from the following list of materials added to our digital collections last summer:

  • Paul Bland photographs (Coll. No. 2005.002) which are part of the Edith Nesbit archive. Bland was Nesbit’s son, and served with the London Electrical Engineers regiment.
  • Algot F. Carlson World War I Archive (Coll. No. 2012.068) which includes materials in both documents and photographs.
  • Perry Douglas Erwin letters (Coll. No. 2007.009) dated 1918 to 1919. He was a lieutenant in the 9th Field Artillery during WWI  stationed at Fort Still, Oklahoma and other locations.
  • Hugo “Hap” August Gruenberg archive (Coll. No. 1991-008) which discusses his experience as a part of the Ambulance Company 167, 117th Sanitary Train, 42nd (Rainbow) Division, American Expeditionary Forces.
  • Charles Edward Harrison ephemera (Coll No. 1000.047).
  • Rowland C.. Taylor WWI archive (Coll. No. 2001.023), dated 1914-1918. Rowland Cecil Taylor was in the Royal Flying Corps and his diary describes the conditions in German POW camps.  His description of the events surrounding the Holzminden escape are very interesting.
  • Alice Welford archive (Coll. No. 2010.064) digital collections here; which has been discussed elsewhere.
  • World War I Album: France (Coll. No. 2002.009) from 1918. A collection of published photographs from various sources, as well as few photos that are previously unknown.
  • World War I Posters (Coll. No. 1992.004.5) which shows the development and use of propaganda.

Some other frequently requested materials that are available digitally include history on The University of Tulsa and Tulsa Race Riot Archive (Coll. No. 1989.004).

Our digital collections can be viewed at this link. Be sure to check for new material as we continue to update our website.

All of our other collections can be viewed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Don’t forget to stop by and visit our new exhibition. Have a wonderful day!

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