The Certificate Program
The mission of the women’s and gender studies program is to offer interdisciplinary and cross-cultural courses that examine women’s lives, experiences, and works as well as gender relations, including masculinity studies. Please browse through our website to find out more about the program, faculty, offered courses, and more.

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  • Students in women’s and gender studies gain crucial insight into how ideas about gender affect the lives of both women and men, shaping how all of us relate to ourselves and each other
  • Students in women’s and gender studies develop an international perspective, exploring differences and similarities among women from diverse cultures and geographies
  • As the most interdisciplinary program at TU, women’s and gender studies offers a structure for building focus within a chosen major while also exploring its connections to other areas of study
  • Businesses need individuals with an understanding of gender-related issues such as flex-time, parental leave and pay equity
  • Many women’s organizations hire individuals with specializations in women’s and gender studies
  • Professionals in law, medicine, social work, teaching, and counseling need expertise in gender issues
  • Specialists with training in women’s and gender studies serve as consultants in industry, higher education, and personnel companies

Among the opportunities that recent Women’s Studies certificate graduates are pursuing: U.S. Marine Corps. officer training; Tulsa Family & Children’s Services case manage; University of the Pacific development research analyst; Rogers County (OK) juvenile justice specialist; North Carolina State University graduate program in sociology; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee graduate program in communication; Fairleigh Dickinson University graduate program in teaching; and law school at the University of Tulsa.

Follow the link below to read about the recent accomplishments of women’s and gender studies faculty and students.

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