WGS Mentor Award

 The TU Women’s and Gender Studies Program’s 10th Annual Linda J. Lacey Award for Mentoring Excellence

Call for Nominations 

**Deadline:  Friday, 17 February 2017


The TU Women’s and Gender Studies Program is accepting nominations for the 10th annual Linda J. Lacey Award for Mentoring Excellence.  Our definition of a mentor is someone who advises, shares knowledge, supports and encourages, gives specific feedback, collaborates, helps create opportunities, and empowers others.  We encourage nominations from students, faculty, and staff.  The nominee can also be any student, faculty or staff member at TU.  Note that past awardees of the Mentoring Excellence Award become ineligible (the Award can be won only once) as is the Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Governing Board.


Past Awardees:

2007–Rev. Nancy Eggen, United Campus Ministries

2008–Prof. Lara Foley, Department of Sociology

2009–Prof. Elana Newman, Department of Psychology

2010–Ms. Sherry Walkabout, Director of Paralegal Studies

2011–Prof. Joanne Davis, Department of Psychology

2012–Prof. Carol Lambert, Department of Communication Disorders

2013–Prof. Jan Wilson, Department of History

2014–Prof. Jennifer Airey, Department of English

2015–Applied Instructor Claire Cornell, Entrepreneurship of Responsibilities Director, Senior Vice Provost and Professor Winona Tanaka, Office of the Provost

2016–Prof. Holly Laird, Department of English


The award includes inscription on a plaque and $500 and will be presented at the WGS spring reception (tba).

To nominate your most influential mentor for this award, please send the following information to Diane Jessup, by Friday 17 February:

•       The name and contact information of your nominee

•       Your name and contact information

•       A one-page letter describing why you think the nominee is a superlative mentor.

Your letter should include specific examples of mentoring excellence with respect to the criteria listed above.  Your mentor need not have offered you all these forms of guidance, but clear examples of influential mentoring will allow the award committee to make more informed decisions. Finally, if your nominee has demonstrated a notable commitment to women’s and gender studies, please explain.

The University of Tulsa