Fight On and Fly: The First Air War, 1914-1918 (Finale)

Fight On and Fly
On the night of September 2nd, 1916, the  Germans mounted the largest airship attack yet on Britain with thirteen airships crossing the North Sea heading for the Midlands and London.  One of the ships was spotted by the searchlights and by Lieutenant Leefe Robinson from his airplane 8,000 feet above the city.  Robinson gave chase and eventually successfully fired into the ship causing it to explode.  The blazing wreckage fell near Cuffley, Northern London.  Photographer H. Scott Orr remarkably photographed the demise of the airship which was not, as thought, a Zeppelin, but a Shutte-Lanz.  Shown here are four dramatic images from the series of six images captured by Orr.

[2nd image, the German airship SL-11 flying north of London.][3rd image, the German airship SL-11 exploding.] [4th image, the German airship SL-11 burning.][6th image, the German airship SL-11 burning.]






All are welcome to view our current exhibit which includes selections of photographs, photo albums, first editions, personal accounts, diaries, and memorabilia, highlighting the first air war from American, British, and German perspectives and those of many courageous, skillful and daring young pilots.

The exhibit is free and open to the public during the department’s business hours.

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