Signature Society Event: Wine and War 101


On Thursday, November 13th Adrian Alexander, R.M. and Ida McFarlin Dean of the Library, hosted Wine & War 101, a Signature Society event. The evening was meant to be an entertaining and educational experience. It combined a lecture on how France protected their treasured commodity during the Great War, and a wine tasting conducted by Sommelier Tyler Mirt about wines of France.

Wine and War 101 specifically explored the place of wine in the French war effort during World War I and the impact of the war on one of France’s major industries. Particular attention was paid to the world-famous Champagne region of France because it was directly affected by the fighting for all four years of the conflict and its vineyards devastated as a result. The relationship between the French soldier (poilu) and wine was discussed as well. The attendees had the opportunity to sample a California sparkling white wine, a  Chateauneuf-du-Pape, a Beaujolais, and, as a surprise to our guests, an authentic Trappist Belgian Ale

Established in 2013, McFarlin Signature Society is comprised of alumni and community members who provide a minimum $500 gift to support the most pressing needs of McFarlin Library. Signature Society  support is pooled to expand the library’s electronic journals  collection, upgrade technology, and provide staff support  critical to the daily operation of McFarlin Library. Your gift may be made in one annual payment, in pledge payments throughout the year, or matched by your employer to total $500.

We plan to host two other events this academic year to introduce people to the Library’s various collections. For more information on these events and to help TU students prepare to make their own signature on the world, contact Amy Gerald, Director of Development for McFarlin Library, at 918-631-3733 or

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