New acquisition: Daniel Teoli book of 1970s culture in Hollywood and LA

Special Collections has recently acquired a book of photographs by Daniel Teoli, a social documentarian. The book is titled Portfolio: Peering into the world of 1970s Hollywood and LA.

The black and white images are primarily from street photography, and focus on people who have been marginalized by society. This includes a wide variety of locations and various types of people, from customers at a dive bar to sex workers and the homeless. Many of the photographs feature nudity and are not suitable for viewing by minors.

Mexican reflections









Kid eating candy on a scale

Special Collections has three other artists’ books by Teoli:

Teoli’s photography challenges mainstream notions of societal boundaries and frequently forces the viewer to confront uncomfortable images and realities that are often ignored or that remain unconsidered.

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Melissa Kunz is a Special Collections Librarian. She holds a Masters in Library and Information Studies and a J.D. from the University of Oklahoma, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Hendrix College in Arkansas.
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