Walt Whitman Poetry Reading to be held next Thursday, April 19

Walt Whitman ephemera, 1976.015

McFarlin Library’s rich Special Collections include materials related to many poets from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, including Oscar Wilde, Ezra Pound, Stevie Smith, Richard Murphy, Robert Frost, Phillip Larkin, and many others. We are celebrating these collections with a series of poetry readings that feature the works of major poets represented in our Special Collections. For this exciting new project, we have enlisted the aid of three doctoral students in our outstanding English Department: Melissa Antonucci, Kristen Marangoni, and Ashley Schoppe. All of these women have worked as graduate assistants in our Special Collections and know the collections well. Each of them has picked a poet of interest and will organize a selection of works by that poet. TU students and local actors will be assembled to read the poetry in the Ann & Jack Graves Faculty Study; you are invited to join us for these public events (no RSVP is necessary)!

The second event in this series is dedicated to the poetry of Walt Whitman. Melissa Antonucci has selected a number of Whitman’s poems from Leaves of Grass for our enjoyment. Please join us next Thursday, April 19, at 7 p.m. in the Ann & Jack Graves Faculty Study for this exciting event.

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